June 17, 2011

Kind Of People I Dislike

Okay. I don't like that person!

Heran deh, (Eh, sorry sebelumnya. Postingan ini cuma buat ngeluarin uneg-uneg gue doang) kok ada ya orang macam tu? Di depan, dia kayak ngga punya masalah sama lo. Di belakang, dan bodohnya lagi, he talks about you dengan sok taunya di FACEBOOK. Nyindir-nyindir gitu kerjaannya. Pertama sih gue ngga peduli, lama-lama kok ya jadi ganggu ya? Mbok ya kalo berani, talk straight to my FACE, not FACEBOOK instead. COWO BUKAN?



May 02, 2011

Coffee To Complete Your Day.

Dear lovely people: who does not need coffee, raise your hand.

Nowadays, coffee has become needs to most of us. Yes, coffee is contagious. Once you're coffee-ing, you can never stop. Especially when you've found a great coffee places, a great coffee tastes combine with delicate food. Coffee and good food can be a good cure to your sucky day! It happens to me. Coffee does boost my mood and it creates happiness.

..coffee stories..

My mom drinks coffee daily. It is the first thing in her mind to start her day. She brewed her own coffee. Woke up in the morning, to the kitchen, boil some water, get her coffee mixed with three tea-spoon of sugar, and when the water is boiled, she had the coffee brewed. She gets headache once she's running out of coffee. You can smell the coffee all over the house. Yum! Coffee to start her day.

My personal experience: besides drinking coffee daily, I was using coffee for my wedding souvenirs. That is how much I live to love coffee. I let coffee take control of me. LOL! People who came to my wedding just love the smell of it. Also, I plan to scent my new small white house with coffee! So fresh!

my wedding souvenirs

Now, I am writing for Sebastian Coffee Shop. I have write about this place before. And I'm going to do it again. Since I love their coffee, I decided to join their cafe as a marketing executive. I get the chance to taste the coffee like EVERYDAY! Yeah, do envy me! Hahaha. Now, let me take you for a delicate food and coffee tour. :)

Sebastian Coffee Shop's cafe latte

Sebastian Coffee Shop's thai iced tea

Sebastian Coffee Shop's green tea latte

my favorite: deep fried mushroom!

Sebastian Coffee Shop's spaghetti meat balls

Sebastian Coffee Shop's pizza foccasia

So that was a small part of the tour. Hungry now? Come visit us for the real experiences of great tastes. We serve coffee and non-coffee beverages and also yummy delicate food. Yum! Okay, let me (again) write your the address of Sebastian Coffee Shop.

Jl. Veteran No. 11 A
Bintaro, Jakarta Selatan

Opens daily
2 pm - 11 pm (Sunday to Thursday)
2 pm - 1 am (Friday & Saturday)


April 20, 2011

White lies ahead.

Does white lies counted as lies?

What do you guys think, seriously? When you don't wanna hurt other people's feeling, do you choose to lie instead of telling them the truth? For some of us, or maybe most of us, it's easier to just tell them lies.

I don't dare myself to cause the ones I love tears and just walk away while they breakdown and cry. I will, in my power, try to make them feel good though I know it will hurt them in the end and pray that it will come to a good end, eventually.

I don't know why I chose this white lies as a topic tonight. White is the color of holiness. Why should it be paired with lies? For what I'm aware of, lie is a bad thing to do. Tell me what do you think: would you lie to the one you love to keep everything on track or would you say the truth though you know it would bring your relationship to an end?


April 12, 2011

Great Coffee for Great People.

It's a hello from a coffee shop.

Sebastian Coffee Shop. A friend owned this shop on Jl. Veteran No. 11a. The name itself came from their family name! *Oh I just love everything comes from a family-oriented minded* Besides the great coffee, I also love the ambience of this place. The story of a recycled cafe and a green coffee container. You should come by and taste the coffee yourself. My personal favorite is the iced rum latte and deep friend mushroom as the side dish.

I had them on my wedding. Many of my friends love the taste. My pregnant friend even told me to get her the coffee right after she gave birth. Oh, come on! Lol. But, I will bring her the coffee for I promised her that :)

Sebastian Coffee Shop opens daily from 2 pm - 11 pm on weekdays and 2 pm - 1 am on weekends (Friday & Saturday). So what stops you? If you are a coffee lover just like me, I bet you will love this place. Coffee, snacks and their pasta(s) are great! Free wifi and board games are also available on the spot! Don't forget to bring laptop and companies with you!


April 02, 2011

Married Life.

Why is it so important to be married?

Well, it's not as harsh as I wrote the whole first sentence. I'm just trying to find what to say, and I just need to write right now.

Hey, it's been more than a month since I finally tied a knot. To me, marriage is - oh well, I don't know what to say (yet) - fine. Things happened. Some things changed. Not so much fun anymore as you think more seriously about the future. But, I guess at some point, you need to keep that fun going on. You just have to manage it somehow. And I know we all will. Or I hope so. Yeah.

Tonight I just find myself wanting to write desperately. I've been muttering all the way home on twitter about how sad my life is today. I know it's stupid, but it truly relieved me from all the tensions and thoughts that have been stuck in my head. Don't know when it started.

And oh yeah, married life huh? What would I wanna say? Waking up early in the morning, making breakfast for your husband and preparing his lunchbox *sweet* were only happening the first two days he went back to the office. The worst wife ever, I know. I still made his lunchbox though, once in a while - like once a week.

And since I got married, I don't know why I become more fragile. I get sick easily. Today happens to be me feeling better after 3 days staying at home feeling dizzy and all that. I hope this didn't last long in my married life. I wanna be strong, tough, and happy of course. And enough talking, I feel a little bit sleepy. My husband has slept before I even started writing. Voila!

So, yeah. Writing. It all started when I turn all connection off on my blackberry device. And I will definitely write again anytime soon. Next, I wanna write about insurance. Not that because I work in an insurance company, but I feel like I really need to write about it.

falling asleep,

January 26, 2011

share with me now.

Was it really that hard to get to the D-day?

Dear friends, I would ask you to share with me. Especially those who are married.

With all the dramas, the crying, the desperation, the what on earth you call them, I feel it's so freaking hard to survive. The wedding is a month away now. And at this very moment I type, I'm not talking to my boyfriend for two days now. Not very surprising I guess?!

There are just a lot of things to do, to think of, to get along with that I need to have a huge heart and an endless patience to make all those things work. Especially when you're doing it alone without a professional help. I feel super tired, disrespected, and everything I do is wrong according to others. *sigh*

Not to mention, people from the past start coming into your life (again) doing things only they could understand. They popped out of nowhere and build doubts in your heart. They started to comfort you and 'be there for you' while your loved ones is busy doing his work. Suddenly they become a hero that saves you from all the insanities.

I know when I get pass through this, I will survive safe and sound until the D-day.


January 25, 2011

a promise to myself

Wah! Saya berjanji akan segera menulis lagi.

I miss writing and I will definitely going to write soon. There are a lot of stories to tell!

So, I will see you soon.